Since my blog has quickly become a hodge-podge of everything and anything, I thought I’d quickly upload a poem I wrote tonight. Uploading poetry might become a regular thing but I won’t make any promises!




I learnt how to count when I was two or three.

Flies fest on the bodies left behind in war,

Replacements move through a revolving door.

The numbers are not the government’s responsibility.


I learnt history when I was four or five.

Letters left behind by the literate and free,

Who can speak for the enslaved rotting in the sea.

Only the words of the deceitful survived.


I learnt religion when I was nine or ten.

Women in Church look like pastel-coloured clones,

I wonder if they know that God often appears as a drone.

The pages of the Bible are made of dead men.


I learnt science when I was twelve or thirteen.

Agent Orange burns an infant’s lungs and eyes,

The buzz of manufactured chemicals drowns out their death cries.

A black arm welcoming the AIDs needle’s silver sheen.


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